We have always had an old fashioned approach. Our encounters starting with pen and paper. When we become one there are no rules. My hand can move freely, imprinting my mark onto you. I am the only person who can make the first judgment of our creation. Do i share you, recreate you, hide you or destroy you?

Each experience we share is unpredictable. The emotion/s i feel at the time get explored. We open up a gateway of release for them. I instantly start to feel stronger and empowered. There are no limits and I’m in full control. I feel re-charged with a new sense of focus.



‘True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying i love you.’ – Anon

‘The course of true love never did run smooth’ – William Shakespeare

‘Cant you see we helped each other grow’ – Simone Campbell

Have you ever had to make a decision that will effect your life forever? A decision that seems so small to those around you but has the potential to be life changing? You desperately want support and advice but how could anyone possibly understand how deep the love goes between you and this person. Only the other person knows but they are both the cure and the cause. You start to feel alone and vulnerable. Do you hold on to this love knowing the potential damage it has not only on your life but others also? The decision goes deeper than just looking at your own needs.

I once believed if you loved someone you held onto them no matter what. I finally realise i was wrong. You opened up my eyes to true love. Ive learnt love has no limits so how could we possibly try and control it? Love is freedom. Being absent from their life does not mean you love them any less. I am proud to say I have experienced true love in its deepest form. We all have different interpretations of love. This is my story..

I remember the first time i saw you. When our eyes locked i felt like i had met you before. You were a beautiful mystery i wanted to solve. You intrigued me. When i close my eyes i can still see that moment clearly. You sit there, your presence glowing in my memory. That day a connection was created without our awareness

I could never forget about you even if i tried. Our connection was so deep. You helped me see my potential. You gave me your time and you listened to me. You made me laugh and always helped me believe in myself. The weight of my problems always lightened when we spoke. You made me happy and for that alone i will always be grateful.

Your touch drove me wild. Everything about it was so intense and passionate. Our bodies were in sync with each others needs. You accepted me for who I truly was. Free to express myself without any fear of judgment. I gave you the same in return;freely.

We gave one another healing. Helping each other acknowledge and explore blocks within ourselves.There were no ulterior motives. No urge to possess or control. We enjoyed each others presence without any expectations or limitations. We had nurtured our relationship over the years. There was a complete understanding between us. You were now my beautiful love.

I love and respect you so much. I never realised the extent until i was forced to explore how much you meant to me. A new emotion was the basis of this change. Fear. Without any warning fear swept in challenging us. The sunshine briefly replaced by a dark cloud. My love for you had not changed but our circumstances had. There were now outside influences to think about. It was up to us how we adjusted to our new surroundings. Do we reorganise or walk away? We had reached a crossroads in our relationship.

Exploring our past allowed me to realise how much we helped each other grow. We were part of each others many life lessons and I was oblivious until now. The connection went as deep as mind, body and soul. The conversations we shared were always so meaningful regardless of what we spoke about. We built a solid foundation and solved any rare disagreements until now with love and compassion.

The decision of what path to take went deeper than my own personal needs. There was no room to be selfish. I had to take into account your needs too and the other potential lives it could have an impact on. I had never had to lay expectations and limits on our relationship before, why did I have to start now?

I began to loose control. I did not want to understand why we had to come to an end. Anger and hurt now my only company. They were not afraid to make their presence known. My venomous tongue occasionally attacked you. This drove me into a frenzy of guilt resulting in me comforting you. I wanted to see you happy but i also wanted you to feel my pain too. You were now my beautiful contradiction. I did not want to accept things change. I was so confused. I was feeling worry, anxiety, fear and my equilbrium disrupted. I wanted you to give me the answers but you could not. We were both dealing with the same situation yet we were struggling to communicate. For a while it became a struggle to deal with the experience together.

I began to realise without change there was no room for growth. Change is natural and when you accept this things in life become easier to deal with. Once our emotions were put to the side and we started communicating again we reached an understanding. We realised our goals in life were no longer compatible. It was not fair for us to limit each others experiences in life. To carry on our relationship also had the potential to damage other peoples lives.

We agreed we could not be together. However it was difficult to imagine you not being in my life at all. How could we be friends? Having all these feelings for one another – temptation would be too strong. We knew the negative potential it could have on our lives and others. I had to take a completely different path, walk into the unknown and make a sacrifice. There is is never a right time to say goodbye.

The love we shared was now flowing with pain. It ran deep. To think of your absence was like your death to me. Loosing someone who meant more to me than words could ever explain. I started to change my way of thinking. When someone dies their memory still lives within you. It does not mean we love them any less but we have to accept they are not part of our physical life anymore. They are still however there in spirit – a part of you.

We were able to set each other free with love, forgivness and understanding. Safely knowing we will always be part of one another. True love never ends. We will begin to accept the pain we are feeling and it will become tolerable. The memories will never die. You are now my beautiful memory. I may not talk/think about it as much when time passes but when I do I can smile at the fact it was a special love. Sometimes too special to share with others. Its a lovely feeling to know you loved someone so deeply and they did you. Helping each other grow closer to becoming their true self is so beautiful. You are now a part of me. Its such a wonderful feeling when you look at it like this. I want you to reach your full potential even if its not with me.

I am no longer scared of being alone as I know another person can not complete me. Only i have the power to truly make myself happy. If i never find true love again that is fine too for i have experienced one of the greatest things life has to offer. The love will stay with me forever.

We all have our interpretation of true love and everyones experience will be different. True love to me is unconditional – it never leaves you. It is being able to see that person happy even if its not with you.



Some people would rather be judged by their cover – Your mysteries left in the dark out of harms way. No opposing forces jeopardising all the things you keep hidden. What happens when someone wants to read your story? Fear can strike. ‘Will they accept me;all of me?’ Will you be your true self or will you rip pages out of your story? Valuable pages that allow your story to flow. Without these pages what version will you allow the reader to experience?


‘My beautiful contradiction’

When did it get so real? Our bubble no longer strong enough. *pops* Damn!

But cant you see we helped each other grow? You have to see;I need you to see! Ill always care about you but we cant be together -my beautiful contradiction

It all started on the astral planes, blissfully creating our dreams in a bubble. Outside influences once over looked; i couldnt get enough of you. Smiles and laughter surrounded us. With each other we could escape her. Our dark fantasies filled with light, energies unleashed and secrets shared. We fed each other energy and nurtured each other. *Sighs* but ask yourself this – how long can you escape her?

But cant you see we helped each other grow? You have to see;I need you to see! Ill always care about you but we cant be together -my beautiful contradiction

She is now too strong to ignore and outside influences are too strong to overlook. Negative energy is all around us. Theres no escaping it. Im still attracted to you but im also repelled – my beautiful contradiction.
Allergic reaction;chain reaction. This situations starting to make me ill. Its time for me to leave. Priorities, choices & decisions need to be made. Evicted from our bubble to her -mother nature. Damn everything got so real.

But cant you see we helped each other grow? You have to see;I need you to see! Ill always care about you but we cant be together -my beautiful contradiction